Bitch Magazine: Flapper Girl coffee cozies make the Bitch list!

BUST: Flapper Girl coffee cozies are all the rage at Bust HQ. They love them so much, they had to blog about them.

Venus Zine: Venus Zine featured Flapper Girl coffee cozies in an Indie Earth Day showcase.

Portlandia: Flapper Girl coffee cozies make it onto the premiere episode of Portlandia—in a scene with Steve Buscemi!

The Etsy Blog: Etsy blog editor Amy rounds up a library-inspired group of goodies and includes Flapper Girl's vintage bibliophile garland.

A Beautiful Mess: Flapper Girl lady ties make it onto Elsie's 10 Things I Love list.

Check out a large array of lovely fashion bloggers rocking their Lady Ties on this Lady Ties in Action Pinterest board.

The Dainty Squid: Flapper Girl lady ties make it onto Kaylah's Friday Favorites list—and show up in two of Kaylah's adorable outfit posts here & here.

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Shop Vintage Portland: I was interviewed for a fun series called Portland Style Council.