Christine Blystone grew up in the Portland area and earned her bachelor's degree in graphic design from Portland State University. She is fascinated by packaging, fashion, and yearbooks of the early twentieth century.

Blystone was the Web Editor for the Portland Mercury from 2006–2008. She played drums for all-girl rock band The Jolenes, who released two albums before they disbanded in 2007.

Blystone's line of retro handmade goods, Flapper Girl (2007 – 2014), was sold across the nation, and was featured in numerous publications, such as Bitch, BUST, and Venus, and was featured on the premiere episode of Portlandia.

Currently, she is the Design Director at Laughing Planet, and proprietress of Velvetback, her line of handmade, natural incense and bath products.

Blystone's extensive library of work for Laughing Planet is available to view upon request.