Special Events
Special event on the horizon? Wedding to plan? Birthday almost here? Want to fire someone, but don't know how? You should order donuts! To order donuts for in-store pick up or Portland area delivery, please call us at 503.123.4567.


Now included in the price of the donut!

$1.00 each donut. Pick from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, or black.

Starting at $1.50 each donut.


If you give us a little notice, and have a $25 minimum order, we will deliver your donuts!

Delivery charges start at $10 and are based on mileage—call us at 503.123.4567 for details!

Donut Border

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Not only do we know that you two are PERFECT for each other, but we also know that you will have nothing less than a fabulous wedding day. Betty Donut would love to officiate the dessert portion of your special day. Nattie—our event manager—knows everything there is to know about wedding donuts, frosting colors, and sprinkles. She is standing by to help you take the plunge into this step of your wedding. Give Nattie a call at 503.123.4567.


Donuts offer a delicious and unique spin on the age-old tradition of the wedding cake. We can help you add your own personality to your wedding donuts, and be more creative than you ever imagined you could be with a dessert—all for less than the traditional cake!

Not only can you have donuts with frosting and sprinkles in designer colors of your choice, but you can have a variety of flavors!

You can also purchase or rent a donut stand that can be decorated as well!


Want to sample the 'wares before you commit? Want to get a look at all of our beautiful donut stands? Of course you do! You're getting married! Call us for a consultation appointment so you can try the donuts first!

Check out our menu and pick a day with the flavors you might like to try, then give us a call set your appointment and come on down! You can even take a few home with you so your future mother-in-law can give you her two cents. You do want her input, don't you?! Afterall, her baby IS getting married to you. Schedule your consultation today by calling Nattie at 503.123.4567. No drop-ins, please—thanks for understanding!